Dreaming of Darkness

Dreaming of Darkness - A paranormal why-choose romance novel, and Book 2 in the Monsters in the Darkness series.

In the wake of a brutal assault, Addison and her gang of Misfits are left trying to pick up the pieces of their old selves.

Deciding that a change would do them all some good, they move across the country for a fresh start at a peaceful existence. However, it seems that nothing can completely rid them of the ghosts they thought they left behind. Addison doesn't know how to keep her men together, not when they all seem to be fraying at the edges. One struggles to find purpose, sinking deeper into despair as the scars from the attack begin to fester and another pulls away, despite Addison's attempts to keep them close. Strange behaviours abound. All the while, Piper is unravelling faster than they can piece him back together.

When the past refuses to die, and the future is shrouded in darkness, Addison and her men will be forced to face a set of daunting new challenges in the present.

Is the Black Widow's bite strong enough to keep them together, or will whatever is lurking in the darkness succeed in tearing them apart?

Trigger Warnings / Content Warnings

  • Mentions of Suicide Attempts

  • Suicidal Ideation

  • Cigarettes

  • Vomiting

  • Knife Play

  • Nipple Piercing

  • Anal

  • Biting

  • Birth Control Tampering (Accidental)

  • Accidental Pregnancy

  • PTSD Nightmares

  • Trauma

  • Kidnapping

  • Blood

  • Torture

  • Amputation

  • Fire/burns

  • Mentions of Exorcism

  • Graphic Violence

  • Dismemberment