The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard-A contemporary stand-alone romance novel

There is a fine line between fan and fanatic.

Kacey’s world is unexpectedly rocked when she finds out that one of her fans has gone… a little overboard in their interest in her. Until her stalker can be tracked down, Kacey is stuck with Everett, an unnecessarily handsome protective detail whose only goal is to keep her safe. Sparks fly as Kacey and Everett try to adjust to this new arrangement. What lengths will Everett go to in order to protect his beautiful new client? And why does he have to look so attractive in a suit?

Trigger Warnings / Content Warnings

  • Explicit Sexual Content

  • Kidnapping (Not by MMC)

  • Stalking (Not by MMC)

  • Alcohol

  • Violence

  • On-page Death

  • Blood

What readers are saying about The Bodyguard

"it was beautifully written and an easy read. The characters are easy to love and wonderfully relatable. Can’t wait to read more of her work.
Truly fantastic"

- Adhara (Goodreads)

This was such a fun read! I absolutely adored Everett and really liked Kacey. Normally influencer FMC’s annoy me, but Kacey was definitely a breath of fresh air. So much happened in this book that I’m SHOCKED it was only 150-something pages. I couldn’t put it down. I absolutely NEEEEED more of them 😍 and at the least, an extended epilogue. This was a quick, fun, and well written read and the spice was chefs kiss.

- Carissa (Goodreads)

"SO GOOD! Fun read with characters you want to get to know. The balance of excitement, humour, and mystery make for a very satisfying journey. 10/10 will be reading again 😉"

- R (Goodreads)